Modern multidisciplinary materials science routinely processes scientific workflows that integrates different data resources (e.g., X-ray data, scripts, analytical results). Most of such data resources are isolated in research labs, created ad-hocly, and remain underutilized. We demonstrate CRUX, a Crowdsourced platform for materials data ResoUrces and workflow eXploration. CRUX is empowered by coherent data-workflow modelling, knowledge based resource assembly for workflow search, and data provenance to support workflow exploration. CRUX allows users to declare parameterized workflows as graph patterns, and automatically recommends crowdsourced resources with quality guarantees. We demonstrate the ease-of-use and the performance of CRUX with three categories of queries: data search, workflow recommendation, and resource exploration. We make case of CRUX for peak finding in X-ray Diffraction (XRD) data, a cornerstone task in materials research. We show that CRUX enables new interactive paradigms to explore and design workflows for data analysts in general.





Superuser/Instrument Upload

Low activation upload of unpublished XRD resources